Hello, all!

As you know, the summer is quickly approaching, and along with it comes camp! We are very glad to say that Rock Lake Christian Assembly is running camps all summer long! Registration for camps began a couple of days ago, and we have heard that they are filling up quickly, especially since the camp has had to reduce the number of campers allowed each week due to COVID guidelines.

In the past, we have had the Doris Buck fundraisers in order to help parents of the church to help send their kids to camp. We are currently fundraising for this, but we cannot guarantee that we will raise enough funds to cover all of the kids who may wish to go. Because of this, we are going by a first-come-first-serve basis. Parents cover $50 as per usual, and then the church will cover the rest as funds allow, in order of sign up.

Sign your children up through the camp’s website, and make sure to put Duplain as the home church or we won’t be able to cover costs. Pay the $50 directly to the camp.

Be sure to have your kids signed up for camps by March 5th. This is little over a month away! We need to know how many students are going and be able to pay the camp for them before the season officially starts in May.

You can see the camps that Rock Lake offers this summer here, and their COVID-19 guidelines and changes here.

We sincerely hope that our kids are able to go to camp, as it is an incredible opportunity!

Jessica Prieto