Christian Education

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Christian Education Ministry offers opportunities to build relationships, study God’s Word, and seek life transformation. We do this through Sunday school classes, mid-week studies, and small group opportunities.

Upcoming Sunday Morning Classes – Start January 5th

“The Beginning of Faith” is an over veiw of the biblical books of Genesis and Exodus.  If you have ever wanted to have a better undestanding of how the Old Testement stories fit with the life and ministry of Jesus this is the class for you.

Teacher: Matt Barnum

Location: Gideon Hall

Length: 1/5/19 –3/29/20 @ 10:00 am

“How to Read The Bible for All it’s Worth”  Is a class Introducing the basic ruls to Biblical intrpretation.   If you wnat to understand the Bible better and be able to get the most out of your personal study time this is class you might enjoy.

Teacher: Andy Goodrich

Location: Classroom 3

Length: 1/5/19– 3/29/20 @ 10:00 am

“Honoring God” is a study of how our lives can bring Glory to God.

Teacher: Lauren Winser

Location: Conference Room

Length: 1/5/19 – 3/29/20 @ 10:00 am

Unpacked is a class that offers you the opportunity to dig just a little bit deeper into the sermon topic each week. This discussion-based class will give you the opportunity to process through what God is saying to you through the morning’s message.

Teacher: Kevin VanAtta

Location: Room #4

Length: 1/5/19 – 3/29/20 @ 10:00 am