We’re all been living through a difficult time these last 9 nine weeks as the Church. Our nation – and the entire world –  has pulled together to overcome the challenge of a worldwide pandemic. Overcoming that challenge meant staying apart, but now it’s time to start to re-engage!

Michigan has now moved to phase 4 of the statewide re-engagement plan and that means as a church we are launching a new phase based on an old idea…The house church. We are calling this phase Church+ because we believe that the gospel has the power to transform lives, but it needs more than content it needs content + community. These last several weeks we’ve provided content, but now its time to add the community.

Below you will find all the details you need to know in order to add this important element back into our life together safely.

The Plan For…

Sunday Mornings

Each Sunday morning everyone is encouraged to meet together in homes. Each home will be able to engage the live stream of Sunday’s Service at 11:00 am on Facebook Live. Following this time, groups are encouraged to fellowship and discuss the sermon. To find this stream make sure to like, follow, and turn on notifications for Duplain’s Facebook page.

Below you find all recommended guidelines. Each group may decide for themselves to what extent they will follow the recommendations.


Each week during our live stream there will be an opportunity to take communion. We are encouraging each household and/or group to set aside something special to use for this time. While what you use to remember Christ’s sacrifice isn’t important, making sure that you treat the moment as special and set apart is.


The Church first and foremost is a community. Social Distancing wars at what we are called to be. During the stay home order we had to do community in creative ways. In phase 4 we are able to gather in small groups, but we will still need to be creative. Everyone is encouraged to find and/or host a Sunday morning group so long as it is safe for them to do so. Because group sizes are small, we are still encouraging everyone to stay committed to Touch5. Touch5 is a commitment to call, text, facetime, or snap 5 people each week.


Passing the plate has stopped, but our mission to reach out, raise up, and ready for ministry hasn’t.

Here are 3 ways you can give without passing the plate:

  1. Online
  2. Text 84321 with amount
  3. Mail Checks to 5565 E Colony Rd. | St. Johns, MI 48879