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Music, movies, podcast and youtube, it’s so easy to be entertained and distracted. So many people seem to be trying to slide through this life like a man on thin ice, just gliding along the surface. Stay entertained! Stay busy, and everything will be okay. But, if you lose momentum, if you stop even for a moment, that ice is going to crack, and you just might take the plunge! Introspection and solitude have become the icy depths so many seek to avoid, but what if we embraced those chilly depths? What if we dared to dive deep seeking to know ourselves, others, and the God that made us? What wonders would we discover? What answers lie with-in “The Depths”? If you are college age or a young adult Dupain Church of Christ invites you to explore these questions with Guest Speaker Josh Adams
at the Young Adult retreat September 29-October 1st.

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